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Smev 9222 - Sink, Hob, Tap & Template


We have for sale Smev combination 9222 units, consisting of: a 2 burner hob with glass lid and sink with a glass lid.

This unit is available with a Left Hand Hob, Right Hand Sink (D) or Right Hand Hob, Left Hand Sink (S).

The sink comes with a cold tap.

The compact SMEV 9222 hob and sink combination features two burners as well as a sink. Once the work is done, simply fold the integrated glass lids down to expand your worktop to use for other things. The SMEV 9222 hob and sink combination also features a safety ignition system.


Model - Smev MO9222

Voltage - 12 volts DC

Output - 2.8 kW

Gas consumption - 204 g/h

Gas Supply pressure - 30 mbar

Number of burners - 2

Quality Features - 2 Integrated heat resistant safety glass lids, detachable chromed pot grids, enamelled burner caps, recessed controls, electronic 12-volt ignition, safety ignition system, AC 540 siphon, rubber seal.

Dimensions (W x H x D) - 900 x 152 x 370 mm

Test mark - CE Approved

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