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6 Way Fusebox 1 Power In - LED Light Blade Fuse Holder


1 Power In, 6 Way Fuse Box - for use with standard size automotive fuses

These fuse boxes are suitable for use in automotive and marine applications - each fuse holder is numbered to make fuse installation and identification as easy as possible.

On the fuse box is a red LED which illuminates when a fuse has blown, an earth is not required for this the fuse boxes illuminate when they detect a short circuit. This makes it easy to identify blown fuses and makes for easier problem solving (empty fuse holders do not illuminate). 

The fuse boxes have a clear plastic cover that protects the fuses.

Size of Positive Power Input Stud: M5

Output Connection: Standard 6.3mm Spade Terminals

Fuse Box Size (Approximate): 95mm x 85mm x 35mm

Rating: 6v, 12v, 24v, 32 volts MAX

Input: 100 Amp Maximum Per Fuse box

Output: 30 Amp Maximum Per Circuit

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