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5m x 0.5m MVM Sound Deadener Kit


5m x 0.5m (2.5sqm) MVM Sound Deadener with Application Roller & Craft Knife

MVM Sound Deadener is 2mm thick and is a layer of butyl rubber and aluminium foil. The material is self adhesive and provided with an application roller to increase the ease of fitting.

The sound deadener can reduce road noise, engine noise and speaker rattle.

This high-quality material is ready to stick directly onto surfaces within your vehicle - the adhesive on the sound deadener is high temperature rated.

This sound deadener is ideal to use alongside our polyester insulation available in our online shop.

Included in this package: 5m x 0.5m (2.5sqm / 27sq.feet), 1 x application roller and 1 x craft-knife.

This sound deadener is also available in sheets measuring: 40cm x 25cm in pack sizes of 5, 10 and 20.

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