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Smev 9722


We have for sale Smev combination 9722 units, consisting of: a 2 burner hob with glass lid and sink with a glass lid.


This unit is available with a Left Hand Hob, Right Hand Sink (D) or Right Hand Hob, Left Hand Sink (S).


The sink comes with  Florenz  AC539 with flexi cold water tap


The compact SMEV 9722 hob and sink combination features two burners as well as a sink. Once the work is done, simply fold the integrated glass lids down to expand your worktop to use for other things. The SMEV 9722 hob and sink combination also features a 




Model - Smev MO9722


Voltage - 12 volts DC


Output - 2.8 kW  (1 x 1.0 kW; 1 x 1.8 kW)


Gas consumption - 204 g/h


Gas Supply pressure - 30 mbar

Quality features Stainless Steel finish with 12v DC / Piezo


Number of burners - 2


Dimensions (W x H x D) - 760mm x 325mm x 179mm


Test mark - CE Approved

Split (2 part) glass lid

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