About Us

Since Mega Van Mats was founded in 2008 it has established itself as the place to shop for your campervan, motorhome, caravan or boat. We are one of the UK’s largest retail and trade suppliers, supplying some of the biggest names in campervan conversions. So, whether you are building your dream campervan or in the trade building for others, you will not be disappointed by the range of products available.

Supporting Our Customers

When we launched there was almost no information to be found online about how to convert a van or which products were best to use - whether you were building a van for yourself, or starting out in the trade. We created MVM to give people access to the best possible products, and the all important advice of how to install them. Our advice service was unrivalled, with hundreds of cumulative hours each week spent on the phone and posting on VW forums providing advice on which products would work best and offering hints and tips. 

This was at a time when most campervan conversion products could only be bought in bulk making self builds difficult (unless you were happy with lower quality products), and if you wanted to start a business it was almost impossible to open an account with many big suppliers. We removed these road blocks, and continue to support self-builders and start-up businesses as well as some of the UK's largest conversion companies. 

How to...

We launched the first ever "how to line your van guide" that was supplied with all of our mega stretch lining carpet kits, and over the years we've received thousands of messages from customers saying how they couldn't have lined their van without it. There's now hundreds of videos on Youtube with detailed videos of how to line your van, and we are proud that many of these tutorials are published by people who lined their first ever van having taken advice from us, and they continue to use our products today. 

Global Sourcing & Supporting UK Manufacturing

Long before finding inspiration for your van could be found on Pinterest, or seeing what builds your competitiors were offering on Instagram, we were leading the way in offering full product packages and sourcing products from across the world enabling each van conversion to reach its full potential. Accessing products from the global market helped to quickly increase our product range, but supporting UK manufacturing is hugely important to us. Many of our MVM brand products are made in the UK, as well as all of the cable we supply and also some of our lighting. Look out for the "made in the UK" stamp on products across our website. 

Big Name Brands

We supply everything from mats to lining carpets, electricals to furniture accessories and beyond. We have hundreds of products available from a range of manufacturers: SMEV, CBE, Durite, Sanjo, Dometic and Labcraft as well as our own range of MVM branded products.

Celebrating 15 Years of MVM

In 2023 we are celebrated MVM's 15th birthday, and in that time we've fulfilled over 500,000 orders, with a Google review rating of 4.5 stars - with 5 star ratings for our professionalism, quality and value. 

We have sold over 181,000 items on eBay, with almost 61,000 five star reviews. Our feedback page is filled with positive comments describing us as an "A* seller", with "great communication", "fast delivery" and offering "great value" for the products we sell.


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