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Adhesives & Solvent Cleaners

Spray Adhesive - The spray adhesive / glue we sell is high temperature and is specially formulated for use in the automotive industry. It has a high temperature resistance up to 100°C and is ideal for using to apply lining carpets, headlining and many other fabrics to both metal and wood surfaces.

Brushable Adhesive - The brushable adhesive we sell is high temperature and has a heat resistance of up to 120°C, this adhesive is also ideal for applying lining carpet, headlining and upholstery vinyls to steelwork, ply panels and also other fabrics. We sell the brushable adhesive in 500ml and 1 litre tins.

Solvent Cleaner - Solvent Cleaner is an effective blend of solvents especially formulated to quickly remove spillages of oil and grease and many other organic substances. Solvent Cleaner is fast acting and goes to work instantly penetrating and dissolving all unwanted substances. These substances once solubilised may simply be wiped away. The remaining Solvent Cleaner will then evaporate leaving no residue. It is excellent for removing adhesive spillages or overspray from most surfaces including hard surfaces such as metal, paintwork, glass, rubber, and most plastics, and soft surfaces such as carpets, curtains, blinds, etc.