Camper Jam 2022 !!!


We will be closed Thursday 30th  June & Friday 1st July - As we are attending Camper Jam.


We reopen: Monday 4th July 


All orders placed after 12.00pm on


Wednesday 29th June will be dispatched on Monday 4th July.



* The team at Mega Van Mats look   forward to seeing you there! *








Headlining & Seating Fabrics

We supply headlining materials that are to be used on the roof panels, these offer a very good look to any van conversion whether that be a full out and out camper or just a tidy up of the back of a work van and want to make your van look / feel more personal and nicer looking. We also offer seating fabrics which can also be used for headlining but has the purpose to be used for seating and this can be provided to trimmers and they will be able to reupholster your seats exactly how you want them.


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