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Floor Vinyl & Floor Carpet

Here at Mega Van Mats we supply automotive industrial flooring carpet, vinyl and rubber suitable for use in vans and cars as well as campervans, motorhomes, caravans and van conversions.

The flooring carpet we supply is the same product we use to manufacture our cab mats. All the carpets we supply for flooring are high quality, non-slip back carpets that are designed for use in the automotive industry.

We can also make custom flooring mats for not just the front of your van but also the rear living area, where standard-fit mats are not available (for this we will need either exact measurements with a drawing or a template).

Our flooring vinyl is anti slip and hard wearing, available in a variety of colours. It is ideally suited for use on the floors of camper vans, motor homes, caravans and van conversions because of its high quality and durability.

Flooring Carpet - 2.5m (SWB)

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Flooring Carpet - 3m (LWB)

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Rubber Flooring

from £15.00
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