Mega Stretch Lining Carpet

At Mega Van Mats our most well recognised product is our mega stretch lining carpet. 

Mega stretch lining carpet is a four way stretch lining carpet, making it the most pliable and stretchiest type of lining carpet. This means it is much easier to use than other lining carpets on the market. It measures 2m wide, 4mm thick and is very hard wearing as well as being incredibly stretchy, moldable and flexible - meaning no cuts or joins need to be made when covering difficult areas such as window curves and wheel arches!

All of the above makes it a popular choice for both experienced van convertors and those who are lining a van for the very first time. 

It is available in a choice of eight colours: Anthracite, Smoke, Silver, Dark Blue, Pacific Blue, Barley, Black and Slate.