Acoustic Cloth

Here at Mega Van Mats we sell a wide range of materials and van lining fabrics for you to line out your van - including acoustic cloths, mega stretch lining carpet and also headlining.

Acoustic cloth is ideal for covering boom boxes, parcel shelves and is also suitable to line out vans. As it is a four way stretch material it is very easy to work into curves and apertures.

The acoustic cloth is 2.5mm thick and available in two widths: 1.4m and 2m. The 1.4m width is available in lengths between 1m and 60m, the 2m width is available in lengths between 1m and 40m. The two different widths of acoustic cloth are not the same colours/shades, meaning it isn't possible to match the two products. 

The colours available for the 1.4m width are:
SN01 - Anthracite
SN02 - Light Grey
SN03 - Dark Grey
SN04 - Black
SN05 - Smoke
SN06 - Sand

Both the high temperature spray adhesive and brushable adhesive we sell are suitable for use with acoustic cloth and the other van lining fabrics we stock.